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While They Kill, We Struggle

Today the yearly stats for PeTA became public. In 2017 they killed 1800 cats and dogs. They adopted out a token 44. Those stats were publicly reported, by them, to the State of Virginia. That's a 97.6% kill rate.

Other than the fact that they needlessly killed almost 2000 pets because they wish to discontinue all domesticated animals, we find this heartbreaking for other reasons as well.  PeTA gets $20,000,000 - $50,000,000 every year in donations from people who believe they are saving animals. This is a disturbing pattern you see with many of the large, national, well-known animal rights and welfare organizations. Collect the money. Round up animals. Kill them, and then claim to have "saved" them.

USA PAW was created to bring conservative solutions to animal welfare. During the 2016 elections, we saw many animal organizations taking sides, and publicly advocating and campaigning for one political candidate or another. For non-profit charities, there are rules against that, and for a good reason.

(We'll get back to the reason we used the word "conservative" above momentarily. Meanwhile, here's some personal and organizational history.)

By 2016 I personally had been working for a 'No Kill' org for over 5 years. I had built the following to over 600,000 people with my graphics, clothing line, bumper stickers and awareness campaigns, all while holding a job, as well as rescuing hundreds of animals... and also physically responding to natural disasters. Well, during the election campaign, the founder of that page went off the deep end for the candidate on the left, and fired me from the page because of my personal political choices that I NEVER ALLOWED TO OVERLAP WITH MY ANIMAL ADVOCACY WORK. Yet I was out because I love the flag. They continue to use my graphics and designs, but the core of the organization is now controlled by someone untrustworthy, to say the least.

In all of my years (27+) rescuing animals, I have made sure the U.S.A. flag was flying wherever I worked. I also refuse to work for or with an organization that endorses (or opposes) a political candidate. Keeping politics out of it is the best policy. HOWEVER: WE ARE PATRIOTS. Being patriotic and loving our country has nothing to do with politics. Neither does saving pets. When it comes to saving animals, we don't care who you voted for, as long as you pitch in and help. We also welcome help from politicians, regardless of their political affiliations. Helping pets and people with USA PAW is a politically-neutral cause.

I feel I should elaborate now on the "conservative approach" that was mentioned earlier. The radical animal rights groups like PeTA will preach against animal exploitation while rounding up animals, photographing them for ads that beg for donations, and then killing them. This is the approach that has been embraced by the liberal status-quo of animal welfare and rights organizations for decades. I have personally spoken to administrators of these organizations who say they don't market adoptable pets... Or who claim that marketing or advertising adoptable pets is "exploitation" "unethical" or even "dangerous." Conservatively, we at USA PAW have agreed that it's unethical to kill the animals that can be saved, and NOT marketing them into new homes is irresponsible and negligent. (We also believe domestic animals should have jobs if they are able. We disagree with those who claim that this is "slavery," and we know many working animals who love the work they do.)

The team we have put together has over 100 years of collective rescue experience, and we even have a Holistic Veterinarian on our board. When we see stats like the ones PeTA released today, we realize that we need to work so much harder. If we, JUST ONCE, had 1/50th of the donations PeTA received in 2017, we WOULD save more animals than they killed, and our long-term life-saving solutions would support themselves.

We would start by establishing conservative, adoption-oriented shelters in Pottowatomie County, OK; Elliott County, KY; and Perry County, AR.. When I say "conservative" I mean having solid business plans, advertising and marketing campaigns that are sponsored so they don't cut into lifesaving funds, and donated money that actually goes towards saving lives rather than padding pockets. These sustainable no kill facilities would be equipped to save the animals, rehabilitate them, and market them into new homes. Who would run and oversee these facilities? Coalitions of local rescues and advocates. Loving volunteers and staff. We would establish them with programs to assist people AND animals. Veterans, the elderly, children and homeless. With the U.S. flag flying high.

The 3 counties listed are in desperate need of resources, and animals are suffering. One of those counties doesn't even have a shelter.

What would we do after that? We would repeat the process across the country and facilitate a new standard for saving animals. As a matter of fact, we all agreed on January 1, 2018: THAT'S OUR COLLECTIVE NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION.

If you would like to donate to help, you can easily do so here: (or visit any of our pages and websites.) Yes, donations are tax deductible. 501(c)(3) EIN: 84-1611507


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