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                  Public Service Announcement to ALL RESCUERS: Do NOT go into a disaster zone, collect animals, and take them out of state. We have been doing this since 1993, and you will be prosecuted. If you want to HELP: Distribute supplies, and on your way out: PULL PETS OFF THE SHELTER KILL LISTS so the TEXAS RESCUES AND SHELTERS HAVE ROOM TO HOUSE THE DISASTER PETS. We REPEAT: DO NOT GO REMOVE DISASTER PETS FROM THE STATE. Ever. Period.

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                    USA PAW

                    OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: None of the supplies going to the victims of Harvey have been split or divided. However, all future donations and supplies, from this point forward, will be split to aid to the victims of Irma as well. You can notate your donation if you want it to go to one or the other, and we will honor your wishes.

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                      Stick and Sarah were on a run delivering supplies to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. On the way back they pulled this boy off death row to take a little strain off the local rescues, and because we are well equipped to fix him up....
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                                The USAPAW zello channel is back up, but the QR code and widget have not been restored yet. Meanwhile, here is the direct link:

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                                  USA PAW

                                  Facebook connect is working for registration, but some browsers are keeping people on facebook after they accept. You will receive a registration email from this site, and if you immediately return from facebook you should be automatically logged in. I am investigating the issue and that API will be 100% soon. Until then, it is still perfectly okay to use it.

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                                    The events manager is a very handy tool with integrated maps. It shows all events on the map. This is useful for boots-on-the-ground organizing. People know when to meet and where to go.

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